The Unknown Father

For 8 hours, as we worked our way through a Syrian refugee camp, a desolate and heartbroken man trailed us. He desperately wanted to speak with us, however, was uncertain of how to engage with us or what our response would be. When we approached him, he explained that together with his wife and 5 children, they had been living in a tent for 6 years as displaced refugees, often battling sub-zero temperatures. Only the day before they had lost their precious baby to hypothermia.

The father had promised his wife that no matter what he was going to find better shelter for his family, not returning until he had done so. A look of immense gratitude and relief came over his face when he was handed keys to a new “shipping container” home. In his haste to return to his wife and share the news, we did not learn his name. Though this loving father is unnamed, his story is no longer unknown.

Father in refugee camp