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Ramadan 2021

While our "in person" fundraiser - Ramadan Iftar in the Swan Valley - has sold out, we still greatly need your participation and support to reach this year's fundraising goals!

During Ramadan, we are collaborating with the Bosnian Youth Network of Australia to raise money for those disadvantaged in Bosnia, Pakistan and Yemen.

Last year, we successfully raised over $60,000 for Bosnia where various long-term projects were carried out.

Our aim this Ramadan include the following:

BOSNIA: Fresh food green houses, food distribution, student educational expenses and support to an orphanage.

PAKISTAN: Water wells, eyesight surgery and educational programs.

YEMEN: Food distribution

Donations can be made via our Donate page, by bank transfer (BSB: 086147 Account number: 881607119) or through our Facebook campaign.

To stay in touch with the process of our project follow MrezaMladihAustralia and giftcharity1 on Instagram.