Sponsor a Child

By sponsoring a child

You can make a difference and change a life!

Throughout the world orphaned children are deprived of basic necessities such as education, health services, shelter, and access to safe, clean water. Sponsorship’s create an opportunity for a child to grow in a safe environment, become educated and break the cycle of poverty.

Each sponsorship provides a child with:

Your donation provides an orphan the opportunity to receive the full education they deserve which will pave the way to a better future.

Sponsoring an orphan will provide them with essential clothing needed for each season throughout the year.

When you sponsor an orphan, you are giving them the necessities to survive with nutritious meals.

Supporting orphan’s medical expenses gives them an opportunity to live healthy lives.

Sponsoring FAQ’s

How much does it cost to sponsor an orphan?

A small donation of only $50 per month will provide the following for an orphan: food, essential clothing throughout various seasons of the year, educational resources (fees, uniforms and books) and much needed health care.

What information will I receive about my orphan?

Once GIFT has received your first payment, we will send a welcome letter containing a photo and profile of your sponsored orphan.

Do I get any updates from my orphan?

Yes, every twelve months (where and when possible), you will receive an annual progress report with an update about your orphan which contains detailed development information, recent photo, school results, and letter from the orphan or guardian.

Can I sponsor more than one Orphan?

You can sponsor as many orphans as you would like to. Many of our sponsors choose to sponsor more than one orphan. Some of our sponsors select orphans the same age as their own children. This gives their children the opportunity to learn about the life of other children growing up in a different country. The orphan sponsorship will have a positive impact on sponsors’ children, such as the development of compassion and solidarity with our disadvantaged communities around the world.

Can I keep in contact with my Orphan?

After 4 months of your sponsorship commencement date, upon your request you have the opportunity to write letters to the orphan and may receive letters from him/her. As part of Human Appeal policy for child protection, all correspondence should be sent via G.I.F.T office. Your letter will be monitored and sent by email to G.I.F.T local office and they will forward it to the orphan.

Is there an administration fee from my sponsorship?

Yes, an administration fee of up to 10% is charged for the orphan sponsorship payment, excluding orphan gifts. The administration fee covers the costs of fundraising programs to help raise awareness of orphans and in turn result in more orphan sponsorships.