Providing humanitarian relief in Perth and in Palestine

We strive to create change for those in need and help humanity's fight against poverty and social injustice.




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In 2023, G.I.F.T will continue to deliver vital projects around the globe with your help

Our Work

Homeless Runs

GIFT has been assisting those experiencing homelessness and providing some relief to those facing hardship since 2016. We supply those living on the streets of

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Zara's Story

Two years old, orphaned after the loss of both parents. Zara was quiet, reserved, scared when we first met her at the orphanage.. Zara’s eyes lit up when she was given her first doll.

There are 140,000,000 million orphaned children in the world today without a home with love and support.
15,000,000 million orphaned children have lost both parents.
Of orphan children throughout the world over 95% are over the age of five years.
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